Where: Krug premises, Reims/France
Why: Krug Celebraion Week 2011
Audience: Wine experts and lifestyle press
Work volume: Art direction, Production, Choreography, Stage design, Costume design, Styling, Make up, Lightning, Sound, Projections, Creative idea + development
Goal: To make the visitors visually see and feel the sparkling enjoyment of KRUGs champagne by rejecting the standard activities of a guided tour through the KRUG cellars. We have created four different shows that generate a unique and unforgettable tour experience
Project description:
1 Sparkling Resurrection: A chorus of 10 Lyric KRUG bubbles is interpreting Handel’s Hallelujah. The intensity of the voices in combination with the familiar melody transports the audience as if into a bottle of sparkling champagne. Extraordinary light and sound effects develop a surreal atmosphere, while spectacular makeup design highlights the heads of the singers in an aura of gold and glittering silver.
2 Froth of Life: On the ground we see a white shell, a female dancer enveloped by a piece of flowing transparent fabric. A spotlight focuses on the shell from above. Slowly, very slowly, - the shell begins to move, – like the foam that tops a glass of champagne. Meanwhile projected images of the dance are seen at the end of the corridor accompanied by sweeping electronic music. Step by step the projected dance and real life dance are unified. Here KRUG is the mystical spirit, which recreates a whirlwind that heads further and further towards a crescendo.
3 Dance of the essence: An Andalucian melody makes its way to the singing form of a flamenco dancer, illuminated by only a single spotlight. This simple scene represents Flamenco’s mystical power and strength at the most fundamental of levels.
4 Voice of the nectar: At the end of the tour of the cellars, at the champagne tasting, the tenor Óscar Martos spontaneously starts to sing, creating an unexpected, intimate moment out of an apparent formality.




















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