Where: Seville/Spain 2014
Work volume: Production, Costumes, Lightning & Sound, Communication and press relations

Project description: in this occasion, in ‘Farruquito and family’, he pays tribute to a long-standing legacy with a show premiered in New York’s Town Hall in 2001, which introduces us to the artistic intimacy of the most prestigious dynasty of flamenco dance, brought together in a thrilling show, full of style, strength and purity. Farruquito resumes this gathering of all his family in an exceptional show, brimful with charm and magic, with a true saga of artists. Emotion and passion are transmitted by each one of the family members, accompanied by a spectacular band of singers and guitarists.


The show opens with an unforgettable ‘seguiriya’ by Farruquito and his brother Farruco, and continues its itinerary through the great flamenco ‘palos’ or genres, like in the hypnotic and flawless ‘soleá’ by Farruquito. This is an ethnic show about the roots of the flamenco art. The passion and strength on stage meld to create flamenco without additives, that thrashes the spectator’s soul. A show about freedom where the artists leave a space for improvisation. Some of the members of his extraordinary family will also participate in the show: his brother “Farruco” who adopted the artistic name of their grandfather and had his debut in Berlin when he was 2 years old.


At such a short age he had already witnessed the purest flamenco which surrounded him in his household. His cousin, “El Barullo”, will also participate. “El Barullo” won the “Desplante” award at the prestigious Festival de Minas in 2014. And, the latest generation of the Farrucos will be represented by El Carpeta, the youngest of the saga, who together with his family will offer all the mystery and the sincerity of the flamenco dance. Other artists that will participate in the show include África Fernández, daughter of la Faraona, Antonio Moreno ‘El Polito’. Encarna Anillo, Antonio Zuniga, Pepe de Pura and Mari Vizarraga will be singing. And we will also be able to enjoy the very peculiar swing of Torombo clapping hands and guitar playing by Román Vicenti and Juan Campallo.









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