YOUniverseLAB is a creative agency with global reach divided in four departments:



YOUniverseLAB is an innovative think tank that creates, maintains and refreshes your business in order for it to realise its full potential. The four departments cross over, embracing all forms of creative disciplines, while always striving to push against traditional boundaries. With expert staff and the latest technology, we create unique brand experiences and communicate them by developing and implementing exclusive multidisciplinary ideas.


Our aim is to creatively translate the vision of our clients into visual and vibrant stories. 
We want our clients and their customers to breathe and experience their brand, bringing it to life by refining and developing a unique story. We believe that the key to a successful emotional approach towards a brand is to communicate its core identity through a specially tailored action. Depending on the communication goal, this can be developed in one or more of our four departments. 
Our team, together with our international partner network, affords a complete range of solutions to help create, manage and implement your project. With a focus on fresh perspectives and forward thinking, adopting a creatively driven approach that supports your company in its commercial capacities across the globe. 
Our clients or, as we like to call them, our partners, are enduring relationships. We strongly value them, listen and study their needs and try to build long-term relationships, based on quality service and trust. Whether a start-up or a well-established brand, we love working with like-minded businesses that embrace innovation and value creativity in commercial performance.
YOUniverse LAB, originally named Opera Flamenco Productions was founded in Seville in 2007. The company was initially dedicated to creating innovative proposals around the world of Opera and Flamenco, however, from the beginning, our tight business relationships in the fashion world broadened our vision of content and discipline. Adapting to the needs of customers we sought to utilise new technologies and rapidly spread into new markets, while always retaining our distinctive artistic perspective.

Oscar Martos

CEO & Founder
Oscar Martos is a director, producer and renowned opera singer. Graduating Music College in Venezuela, Martos refined his skills as a tenor under celebrated operatic singers such as Katia Ricciarelli (Italy), Aldo di Tulio (New York) or Gian Carlo del Monaco (Madrid). He performed in prominent theatres such as Palm Beach Opera House and Teateo Sociale di Mantova, and shared stage with international opera stars as Giacomo Prestia or Aquile Manchado. Parallel to his artistic activities he completed studies in Business Administration as well as Marketing and Sales in Miami, developing skills which he has employed to commercialize and disseminate his artistic work. In 2006 he settled in Sevilla and founded Opera Flamenco Productions, a multidisciplinary production company which unites two his lifelong passions.
Sophie Mühlenburg 
Creative Director & Founder
Sophie Mühlenburg is a prolific painter and entrepreneur, who throughout her professional life has sought to embrace the arts in all their possible manifestations. She has studied Economics in Berlin, Exhibition of Cultural Diversity in Los Angeles and received an MA in Musicology from the University of Sydney, providing a broad platform from which to launch her career. She gained experience at Daimler Chrysler AG (Berlin), the Museum of the Art Gallery of NSW (Sydney) and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Santa Monica (Los Angeles). In 2004 she moved to Seville and dedicated herself to her passion: painting. Mühlenburg’s work has been exhibited with great success at the esteemed Pasinger Fabrik (Munich), the Hartmann Gallery (Barcelona) , Hohenthal und Bergen Gallery (Berlin), and the Museo del Baile Flamenco (Seville). In 2006, together with Oscar Martos, she co-founded Opera Flamenco Productions.












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